Renee de Haan


Photographer : Check portfolio Rene de Haan 

Age: 54
Accomplishments: Playboy 1999-2013.

 What is your style?
"In the first place: the  natural look. I am not fond of heavy makeup and exaggerated styling. What is important is that you see the woman herself, not someone who is excessively photo shopped.”

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
"I don’t care   much about clothing and fashion. So if you don’t have an eye for it , then there literally is not much left. I find women beautiful to see, their figure and shapes. I find the interaction based on mutual trust with my models enjoyable. It's a threshold that they need to cross  to pose nude. That bond is required, so models dare  take it on and trust that  beautiful photos will be the result. With clothing  on you can still hide yourself. With nude photography you literally and figuratively expose yourself  and that makes it special. "

What can a model expect  from you?
"That they come off  natural in the photo. I do my best to show who they are. I don’t do much photo shopping, I do not want pictures  with  'plastic skins' or somebody  unrecognizable. And in addition a shoot  must have a certain coziness and it is pleasant if there is a click with the model ".

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
 "The Playboy trips I made were of course great fun. In addition, I make an annual trip for my own freelance work. From that  material  I have just published a book. Fifteen years nude photography in a beautiful book. That's actually my highlight of recent years in that area. That book is called: Beautiful. Because that's it, this profession is beautiful. "

Frank de Mulder

Photographer: Check portfolio Frank De Mulder

Age: 51
Accomplishments: Playboy, FHM, GQ, Maxim and Elle, Chanel, Armani and many more.

What is your style?
"My style is actually changing. I have gone through several styles. Maybe my fans can describe it better, because they always immediately recognize a ‘Frank De Mulder’. But I also really don’t want to attach a label to my work. I have now stopped working for magazines such as FHM and Playboy because then you have to conform to their wishes. I want to do what pleases me. People like to pin you down to a style. I’m always fighting against that. I like balancing on the edge between triggering and shocking , at the same time create something that someone would want on the walls in their home. But in the end I refuse to be put in a box"
What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you ?
"That it is never outdated. It is always up to date. We still sell pictures that were made ten, fifteen years ago. Call it an evergreen. A picture which is still pretty after ten years. Nude photography is timeless. I actually rolled into it when I was doing fashion shoots. If we were in a location with a beautiful model I found it such a shame that we photographed her in the fashion of that time. That dress is out of fashion after a year . That does not apply to the model itself. I realized then, 'we are here now, with a beautiful model, in a beautiful location that I want to capture. " That free work, that's art. You should not be in this profession for the money, but for art. Make beautiful photos. That's what it’s all about for me. "

What can a model expect  from you? "It is my experience that models feel  at ease very quickly with me. I think my greatest gift is communicating. I am  disarmingly open and show  my emotions. That, you get back from the model. Only then can we really communicate. Such cooperation is mutual . You have photographers who use a model  like some sort of doll  , but I don’t. If you communicate well with each other , you get the best results. I can’t walk around with a mask. As long as  the models don’t put on  airs , I can’t stand that . "

What experience has made a lasting impression on you? "Not so long ago we were in Ibiza. I woke up around six o'clock, shitty weather. That was the case for couple of days . Rain, storm, quite annoying. The plan was  then for  all of us  to  rest in our hotel room and go to the Ibiza town for some shopping and a bite to eat  in the afternoon  . I dove back into my bed and woke up at three o'clock. I checked the weather radar and suddenly saw that around five o’ clock the sun  would be shining again. I immediately ran to my team to get them   out of bed and  have them put the  models with their sleepy heads straight into  makeup. We were at the location around five thirty and  suddenly the sky breaks open and the weather was glorious. Because it had been such bad weather our location was also completely deserted, perfect. We had only an hour to shoot and that was really an incredible photo shoot. The sea was very turbulent because of the storm. Beautiful models on the rocks, a raging sea as a backdrop, what an experience. After the shoot we ate delicious mussels in a restaurant by the sea. Tat day I was so impressed that the sea had  given me such a beautiful experience. A once in a lifetime experience. Man, I was excited about what I had done that day. And I was able to  realize it because I had been  smart enough to buy a four euros weather app!"

Jaap Vliegenthart

Photographer: Check portfolio Jaap Vliegenthart 

Age: 49 
Accomplishments: Advertising Shoots for major brands. Stacy Rookhuizen in Playboy. Meals That get you laid

What is your style?
"I can work in a variety of styles. I want to change the style to that which the concept requires. A photo shoot needs  to be thought out. In everything I do, there must be an idea behind it. There must be a certain kind of intelligence behind it. I like to look for something that has a certain originality. That people will remember. That the viewer finds exceptional. "

What is special about  'nude photography ‘ for you?
"It has a certain excitement. But that has more to do with embarrassment. It's always a little strange, that you work with someone without clothing. I'm not a macho  photographer  and  like this form of photography because it involves  naked girls. I want to make something special. I don’t  do nude photography very often , for me it  really has to be out of the box and exclusive. I find that interesting. Because I am completely outside the world of glamour photography, I can look at it objectively .   I enjoy  making a plan with  the model  and come up with a good concept. "  

What can a model expect  from you?
"A lot of effort to make something special and create something different than others would do. It  certainly is  not going to be standard. "

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
"I always  find  the beginning of each nude shoot kind of amusing. It is a bit crazy to have someone completely nude   suddenly sitting across from you. But  after15 minutes that feeling subsides ,  then you're totally focused  and it turns into something abstract. "


Carli Hermes

Cooper Seykens

Photographer: Check portfolio Cooper Seykens 

Age: 23 Accomplishments: JFK Magazine, L'

What is your style?
"My style is very pure, I love  to portray  people in an honest way. Raw, pure and sincere. With lots of black and white, much grain, actually more or less tending to analog.  I don’t always have a story behind the photo. I just find it very important to make a beautiful photograph. "

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you ? “ That I can show the sexiness  of a woman in a subtle way. I find it interesting to photograph a lady in a  sexy way without  turning it  into something vulgar . Even though the model is naked , I focus mainly on their face. Emotion reflected in the eyes is very important for a good result. Then it's like you  are watching   straight into the soul of people. “

What can a model expect  from you? "If you are being photographed by me, you can expect a fun and energetic shoot. With fresh  ideas and great results ! I think my strength is that I'm a bit younger. I am flexible and always  start each shoot very relaxed. Then the model is also more comfortable to expose herself.

What experience has made a lasting impression on you? "A few weeks ago I did one of the coolest shoots ever. I was allowed to photograph 50 Cent. Fortunately  not naked. I was in St. Tropez and got a sudden call from JFK magazine that we were the only magazine allowed to portray 50 Cent . In Amsterdam I had him in front of my  camera and I made some  very cool photos  "

Patrick Kaas

Photographer: Check portfolio Patrick Kaas

Age: 43
Accomplishments: Playboy

What is your style?
"My style of photography can be described as introverted. Of course it's glamour and erotic, but I especially love "clean". Not too much fuss and photo shop. Where necessary, I can retouch, but I try to keep the result as natural as possible. "

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
"Special with  nude photography for me is: I like working with people. I have tried a lot in the field of photography , but  working  with people I like best. You can use all aspects of photography. For instance : focus on a person's face, or not at all and just shoot the  details. You can use a nice location or  display a product in the pictures . You have a whole range of possibilities which makes it very interesting. "

What can a model expect  from you?
"If a model is photographed by me, then she can obviously expect nice pictures. I particularly find  the collaboration with the model  important. It's nice to get feedback from the model herself, that she expresses her own ideas. I like to accompany the model and guide her. With  inexperienced models  I ensure that they are at ease and are portrayed well in the photo. The important thing is just a pleasant collaboration where   we inspire one another. If you manage to get in that flow together, you get the best results. "

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
"Of course I have had many special shoots, but one of them was very funny. We were once in Fuerteventura and thought we had found a nice location. It was a beautiful spot along a remote road, next  to  dilapidated hut. We started shooting  and suddenly there was this big man with a shotgun and two ferocious dogs in front of us. He started yelling at us in Spanish for 15 minutes . Then we left  to find another location because that was not really conducive to the glamorous atmosphere ... "

Nathalie Hennis


Photographer: Check portfolio Nathalie Hennis

Age: 29 
Accomplishments: Amsterdam Ladies Cricket Calendar, Rood Leer op Wilgenhout, Lui, Elle, thesame bird

What is your style?
"I'm always looking for a combination of esthetic image and character, whether I work based on a concept or based on a person. I use digital photography, but I always edit manually. With paint, charcoal, ecoline, multimedia methods, which give my work a raw edge. I like to physically edit my images, so I can create a connection simiral to what photographers used to have in the darkroom during the development process."

What is special about 'nude photography' for you? 
"A lot of people think nude photography is just about being naked, but I think it's interesting how you can create shapes with the body. It is sensual, personal, open, tangible and mysterious." 

What can a model expect from you? 
"The connection between the photographer and the model is based on trust, you are going to create something personal and wonderful. A model can expect a relaxed, professional and fun atmosphere during the shoot and oh, definitely crazy music! I'm a woman myself, which says nothing about male photographers haha, but I know what a woman wants to show and what she doesn't want to show and I will really search for the shapes and lines that fit my model best. The emphasis will be put on a tasteful, artistic image that suits the model. It will be seductive and sexy, but not with the emphasis on excitement. I'm really looking forward to beautiful nude series with a model, where I can play with paint, for example, as finishing touch."   

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
"A lot of collaborations are personal and will always be special to me, but the most recent one is the series for the Amsterdam Ladies Cricket Calender. Women from age 21 to 52, in different shapes and sizes, who posed naked. In this series I could really play with body shapes and shadow positions. There was very little editing and I love that in times of overly editing everything. I get so much satisfaction from making a beautiful portrait of someone, with or without clothes. Maybe I like without clothes even better."

Kern Thompson

Name photographer: Check portfolio Kern Thompson 
Age: 31
Accomplishments: 2-year-old daughter – works together with Joyce van Iwaarden, make-up artist - Born in Trinidad & Tobago, raised in Rotterdam – Is busy with fashion photography, video, models and professionalizing interns.

What’s your style?
“You could describe my style as classic, sometimes sexy, with a sensual fashion feeling”.

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
“It is special that there’s a balance between sensuality and nude photography. The style is really specific. If you do it wrong, it could look like porn. That’s not what you want as a result”.

What can a model expect from you?
“Instructions! I think it is really important to get the details right immediately. So when needed, I will communicate with the model how to pose a bit differently. Cooperation is the most important to me. Therefore I always like to look at the pictures, together with the model. That way we can see if whe have shot THE picture”.


What experience has made a lasting impression on you?

“I have to say that my first sensual shoot has made the biggest impression on me. The way it started was totally natural. The initiative came from the model. I had no idea how to shoot the photo’s, so I just went with the flow! It was almost like a slowmotion dream when I was shooting. I was really focused on the details and at the same time busy with keeping the model relaxed”.

Richard Monsieurs

Name photographer: Check Portfolio Richard Monsieurs
Age: 42 years
My retouch work and my flexibility. Another strength of me is that I work very fast because of my thorough preparation. This always has the benefit that the models are able to perform optimally and feel comfortable as well. 

What is your style?

My style is diversity, depending on what the client wants as well as my state of the mind of the moment. My style can differ from very hard and rough to soft and totally feminine.

What is special about 'nude photography' for you? 
The most special thing of nude photography for me is that the most special assets can be emphasized without any limits in the possibilities in how this can be reached.

What can a model expect from you? 
A model can expect of feeling 100% comfortable with me. The entire team will always exist of professional individuals. I find the atmosphere very important. During my shoots, there will always be laughter and the setting will always be relaxed. 

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
An experience I will never forget is a photo shoot that I did on South Africa with real life elephants.

Mark van Velsen

Name photographer: Check portfolio Mark van Velsen
Age: 36
Accomplishments:“In the four years that I have been in this business, I have made a big variety of photo’s, with many different models. The last year I have had the privilege to shoot campaigns for different brands, like Nickelson. The appreciation you receive after years of hard work really feels good. And for that reason I am happy to work for this platform as well”.

What’s your style?
“As a photographer I think you should be diverse. I can work with flashlights, day light, nighttime, or a combination of sources of light. The style I like for nude photography is a bit darker. That makes it more romantic and allows you to  really capture the feminine beauty.  That way you’ll never have a ‘cheap’ photo”.

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
“In nudes you can really capture a woman in the most feminine way. The fragile, romantic and yet teasing photo’s make it really interesting. It focuses fully on the model and not only on a cute face or a nice body. There has to be a balance, with femininity as a starting point”.

What can a model expect  from you?
“I like a relaxed atmosphere. I love with when models have their own ideas, I like open communication and it’s important that we can have a bit of laughter too. The relaxter the model is, the better the expression and the better the result will be”.

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
“In the short period that I have been working as a photographer, I have had so many great experiences that I hardly can pick a favorite moment. There have meen many great cooperations in which we have had so much fun, but also some really heavy shoots. Like a shoot in which the lady had a terminal disease and wanted to have some nice shots for the people she had to leave behind. These kind of shoots are such a privilege to do. I hope to do many more impressive shoots in the future”

Jimmy James

Name: Check Portfolio Jimmy James 
Age: 32
Accomplishments: Shoots with famous artists like Chris Brown,Tyga, Trey Songz & Asap Rocky. One of the most important shoots were the last photo’s of Bobby Farrel (Boney M) just a short period before he passed away. Jimmy photographed covers and editiorals for Pleasure magazine.

What is your style?
“My style in Glamour photography is sexy, but in such a way that it’s still classy. I want it to be classy enough that you can put the photo’s on your wall without feeling uncomfortable looking at it. I love to work with depth and sharpness to point out certain aspects, or to soften the light to make it more classy”.

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
Because of the nudity, the model can not hide herself. That shows that the model trusts me. That’s the thing you want to capture in the photo. I always try to point out the pretty sides of a model.

What can a model expect  from you?
"The model should be comfortable and relaxed. Therefore I always want to get to know someone before we do a shoot. Experience taught me that you have a better result when you have a connection with the model and when the model is relaxed. I always try to take out the tension".

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
“The moment when I was watching the evening news and saw my own picture of the deceised Bobby Farrel. It was really special to me, because back then I was only photographing professionally for about a year. But your first covershoot or editorial is always a special moment too. And photographing celebrities is special, because you are always short in time. The pressure is high, so you can not afford to make any mistakes”. 

Bob Mans

Name of photographer: Check Portfolio Bob Mans
Accomplisments: My strength is the way I connect with models. If you have a good connection, the results will definitely be better. I always work with a team of professionals and I love a relaxed and laidback atmosphere while shooting. 

What is your style?
“Personal and spontaneous. My photo’s are all shot in a unique moment. The connection between the model and the team is essential. A good energy is important to have a good photo. Whether it is a fashion, glamour or nude shoot, the way I work is always the same”.

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
“To me, it’s important that the nudity will add something to the atmosphere of the photo. Vulnerability, emotion, softness or power: nudity kan really add something to an image and make it stronger”.

What can a model expect  from you?
“A laid back, comfortabel atmosphere!  I always work together with a young and creative team. I rather have a good laugh during a shoot, then 100 photo’s extra. In case this requires Disney songs: off course I will add those to my playlis. Furthermore, the lunch will probably be croque monsieurs, because I have experienced that this is the best fuel for the team!”

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
“Every shoot is a new adventure to me, a new challenge. But the shoots abroad are the most fun. The times I have been shooting in Spain en the Chech republic were my favorites”.

Raquel Ottens

Photographer: Check Portfolio Raquel Ottens
Age: 33
Accomplishments: Loves to work for any woman who’s at a point in her life to be sensual and powerful.

What is your style?
“You can see a certain openness in my touch of photography. The women I photograph are truly showing not only their naked but body, but their naked soul too. In my photo’s I want to combine these two worlds, by using the beauty from within”.

What is special about ‘nude photography ‘ for you?
“In my opinion, the power of this type of photography lies in openness and vulnerability. Showing yourself naked is not something that’s easy to do for anybody. For me, it’s a challenge to inspire women to look at themselves in a different way. The stories they tell me inspire me too and contribute to my own development”.

What can a model expect  from you?
“Out of my own perspective, I can make you look at yourself with a different view. During the shoot you will notice that the atmosphere is really relaxed and laid-back. I believe in creating the right images by creating the right chemistry”.

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
“The story I’m thinking of right now is one I got emailed yesterday. The woman in this story is a breast cancer survivor. About six months ago I did a great shoot with her. She told me that she enjoys her photo’s everyday. She just came back from her holidays and she has never worn her bikini with more pride. These stories touch me, it’s so special to experience how our thoughts have so much power over us and that we can influence them and thereby change the way we see ourselves”.

Arjen Jongeling

Photographer: Check Portfolio Arjen Jongeling
Age: 51
Accomplishments: I have been photographing since 1980 and in 1982 I started photographing models. I used to draw comics in my youth and I also played in several bands for over 15 years. The switch in 2012 from photography to a cameraman was a good decision. Being a cameraman isn´t hard for me because of my experience. I already know how to draw a storyboard and that music is one of the most important things to edit a film.

What is your style?
I was born in the 80's and I love exuberant make-up. Grunge, glamour, smoky eyes .. I love it. A good make-up artist who has a modern style of applying make-up makes me happy. I definitely don´t like arty-farty experiments with pasted glitter or rose petals. Furthermore I prefer to work at a location with daylight

What is special about the ''nude photography'' for you?
Nothing much actually, it might sound weird but I don´t see any difference between nude photography and a documentary about the aviation. What I like the most about GLMRR is that GLMRR it´s all about models and not about products in a showcase.

 What can a model expect from you?
An excellent preparation. A perfect shoot has a good script with a call sheet, a storyboard and many more.

We will start with a briefing because not everyone has experience with filming. Another advantage of briefing is that you have the ability to get to know each other.

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
A phenomenal photographer and I had a photoshoot with a very experienced model, she has numerous publications to her name. My task was to make a mini documentary about this beautiful lady. I took a couple of pictures of her, but she didn´t felt comfortable. I was shocked to hear that! Eventhough she didn´t felt comfortable the pictures that I took were so good that Elegant Magazine decided to use the pictures for their magazine. 


Ruud Ravensbergen

Photographer: Check Portfolio Ruud Ravensbergen

Age: 51

Accomplishments: Just want to have fun with making some great pictures and see some happy faces enjoying those pictures

What is your style?
I love ‘out of the box’, different than the mainstream and deep shadow pictures. However I also would like to do a totally different shoot outside in the summer.

What is special about the ''nude photography'' for you?

I like to show the softness of an nude woman. But also make a sensual pictures that shows strong, confident beneath the woman.

What can a model expect from you?
I listen to the model and what she expect from the photo shoot, talk to her during the shoot and take the time doing this.
I make the model feel at ease so mthe shoot is a fun and easygoing experience.

What experience has made a lasting impression on you?
‘’There are a lot of experiences that made lasting impressions on me. One of them was my first Playboy style photo shoot in the near in Haarlem. I still have contact with that model. We still do shoots now and then. It was a very fun, great and productive experience’’.

Roos Bruijns

Photographer: Check portfolio Roos Bruijns

Age: 40

Activities: Turned my hobby into my job. Making great images and making customers happy with my work! 
What is your style?
Soft and sensual, bright and colourful. But raw black and white sheets are sometimes fun. But they do not match the Rosestyle pictures.
What is special about nude photography?
I can make a woman feel comfortable because I am a woman myself. I'm doing the work for sixteen years now.
What can a model expect from you?
A nice photoshoot with a fine atmosphere and beautiful pictures where they can be happy with. Than i can return home with a good feeling.
Wich experience had an interesting impression left with you?
All models are very pleased with the pictures we make!
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