Yxaiio, Free your lust

€ 67,20 (including VAT 6%)

Yxaiio is the aphrodisiac drink! You can drink Yxaiio pure or you can mix it with any other drink. We recommend you to mix it with champaign! Try and order now the Yxaiio aphrodisiac drink and receive the exclusive bondage photobook free (to the value of 30,00 euro). You can check the behind the scene bondage video here, so do not wait and order and receive this amazing shoot in an A4 hardcover book!

For your information: 1 bottle costs 2,80 euro but, it's only possible to buy Yxaiio in a tray of 24 bottles.
Check www.yxaiio.com for more information.

Photography: Raquel Ottens

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