My Angel is a Centerfold

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About My angel is a centerfold
Her dream, his dream: you as the star of a real live glamour shoot. Not for all to see, but strictly ‘you and his eyes only’; we don't want the competition come trampling down the door, do we?

Wouldn’t it be nice: you or your beloved in all his/her (semi-)naked splendor, shot by a real live professional photography team. Beautiful pictures, just for you – and her. A glorious testimony to her beauty, solid proof of your undying love and devotion, the compliment of all compliments to any hot blooded woman.

A photo shoot of your spouse: the ultimate gift. Only problem: it is hideously expensive. You need a top notch prhotographer, a studio, professional make-up & styling – the cost of a basic shoot easily runs up to 2.000 euro – minimum.

It’s a good thing we @ are such close friends with the very hip & glamourous aphrodisiac drink Yxaiio. Their motto is ‘free your lust’ and they will be happy to help you free yours!

So: the good people @ Yxaiio pay half the cost! And so you can get your hands on a professional glamour shoot of your girl for a mere and measly 500 euros, including the stamp of quality guaranteed by And our solemn promise no-one but you will ever see the pictures, unless, of course, you decide to share them freely!

So hesitate no longer give your love the ultimate present! More info at, re My Angel Is A Centerfold!

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